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Address Verification

  • Verify your personal address

    Please upload a valid address verification documents that contains your name, full address, date of issuance and expiration date

    A valid document can be:

    1.) Your utility bill - Gas, Electric, Phone (We cannot accept mobile phone bills)
    2.) Your bank or credit card statement
    3.) Your council tax bill, or a HMRC notification
    4.) Your vehicle registration or tax
    5.) Your photo driving license showing your address and it's expiry date
    6.) Other government or financial institution issued document

    Important information to note:

    1.) Your utility bill, bank statement, council tax bill cannot be older than 3 months
    2.) You can also submit a document from a Local Authority or FCA authorised institution which was issued within the last 12 months. For example, a yearly council tax bill or a letter confirming the opening of a bank account.
    3.) Your address cannot be a PO Box, as this will not be accepted.
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Identity verification

  • Verify your ID

    Part of Funds Acquisition "GO FUND MY BUSINESS SCHEME" involves ID verification so for this you'll need to provide a high quality photo or scan of a valid ID document which shows:

    1.) Your photo
    2.) Your full name
    3.) Your date of birth
    4.) Your signature
    5.) An expiration date
      The full name and date of birth should match those on your contact information. If your photo/scan is not of high enough quality, we will request a better copy. Also, nothing on the document can be covered or censored.

    A valid ID document can be:

    1.) Social Security Card
    2.) Passport (Photo page only)
    3.) National ID Card
    4.) Photo Driver's License
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Bank Information

  • Please provide the bank account that would be funded with your stipulated amount.

    Please note that the bank account provided must be the eligible bank account
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Payment Details

  • An acquisition fee of $5 is applicable upon submission

    Please Make your Payment Now via Console Loan Secure Payment Solution



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