Customer Testimonial

A loan from Console Loan could be the first step towards sorting out your finances once and for all. Don’t just take our word for it though, see what our other customers have to say.

” Console Loan, took a decision on the basis of the evidence, acted and followed up. It’s the way financial transactions used to be conducted. The service was fast, professional and courteous. ”

Martin, Heating Solutions, West Sussex

” When the banks won’t help, Console Loan did! A repayment every work day makes it easy to manage. We would certainly use Boost Capital again. We would recommend them to any SME that is having difficulty obtaining extra financing. ”

Pete, Commercial Laundry & Hire, Yorkshire

“ Very good customer service with prompt funding. I would recommend Console Loan to friends and family. ”

Adam R. from Brighton

“ Your team were excellent in providing my loan as they explained the conditions and terms in a simplified manner and I received my loan quickly, without any complications. ”

Carol M. from Cheltenham

“ I have had experience of other loan companies in the past but have to say that Console Loan have been by far the best. ”

Stuart C. from Peacehaven

“ Your advisors were professional, courteous, patient and kept me up to speed with what was happening.
All in all a fantastic product from a fantastic company. ”

Jonathan B. from Matlock