Console Loan

Stonemere Finance Ltd was established in 2010. Based in the northwest of England, Stonemere Finance Ltd is principally a lender of consumer finance. The Console Loan product (guarantor loans) was designed to assist those requiring a financial solution to obtain funds at a more competitive rate than their credit score would ordinarily dictate. This product is extremely popular for those wishing to consolidate several, more expensive, smaller (payday) loans into a longer, more manageable, term loan with lower monthly commitments, although there a few limitations to the reasons you may borrow from us.

Our Values

The company’s principal philosophy of treating customers fairly has been evident across its range of products and Stonemere Finance strives to ensure the policies and procedures carried out within the business are continually ahead of the FCA regulatory regime under which it trades.

Stonemere Finance Ltd is an active member of the CCTA trade body ( – registered number 1043) and regulated by the FCA ( – registered number 638932). The company takes pride in its lenient and understanding approach to consumers experiencing financial difficulty and takes its role as a responsible lender extremely seriously.

Further Information

Should you wish to ask us any further questions, please do not hesitate a member of our dedicated team to discuss further. You can call us on +447937414035 (opening hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday) or email us at