Who are we?

Console Loan is a trading name of Stonemere Finance Ltd, a 100% UK based lender of personal finance products established in 2010. Stonemere Finance prides itself on its people and the moral ethics they employ to ensure we treat customers fairly across all our financial products. If you have any questions, please feel free to pick up the phone and call us on +447937414035 or email us on customerservice@consoleloan.com

How Can Console Loan Help You?

If you’re constantly borrowing from payday loan companies, the interest will quickly rack up and you may find yourself in an awkward position. With interest Free Loans, you can consolidate those loans by borrowing between $600 and $20,000,
(business loans From $3,000 – $500,000) and repay over a period of between one and five years.

We know that when it comes to money, not everyone fits the same mould. A low credit score can mean that you won’t be considered for a loan, no exceptions, until now. We are happy to overlook your credit score providing that you can provide a guarantor – someone to ensure that you can make the repayments, and, should you not be able to repay, will make the payments on your behalf.

What’s even better, is that apart from getting the loan you need, your repayments will also help to build your credit score, and leave you in a better financial position once the loan has been paid off.

So if you’ve been rejected by other loan companies, don’t give up. We don’t judge you based on what a computer says. Our decisions are made by people, and if we feel that we can trust you and your guarantor to pay us back, then we’ll happily give you a chance.